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Why should I choose American Church Loans to obtain my church or commercial loan?
We exist to connect Churches to some of the most competitive church loan products available nationally! We will help you save time and money and give you viable options for  financing your vision today! We have over 15 church friendly Lenders from all across the nation and do loans in all 50 States! Most of our loans are 10 year loans with 20-25 amortization rates with no personal guarantees required! Our Christ centered staff have over 100 combined years of successful pastoral ministry experience combined with over 35 years of commercial banking experience! We will search the country to find you the best loan at the best rates and terms available!

Why are banks so reluctant to offer credit when we have been faithful with prior borrowings?

The banking industry has changed dramatically since the economic issues of the ‘90’s that continued into the new millennium.  Recessions of the late ‘80’s into early 1990’s, the Savings & Loan Failure, the e-Commerce bust, The Great Recession, corporate change in philosophy to shareholder wealth maximization, political interference and the housing market collapse all contributed to a very unstable lending environment.  This instability, and the need to reign in some very unsavory lending practices, caused the Federal Reserve to inject significant changes into the way banks lend.

What types of loans are available?

American Church Loans offers a complete range of financing including Refinance, Renovation, New Construction, Short-Term Loans, Bridge Loans, and even New Church Plants!  Loans are typically approved within 2-4 weeks and close within 45-60 days. This is dependent upon the church providing documentation in an expeditious fashion. New construction loans take longer than refi loans.

If our local bank turns our church down for a loan can we still be approved through a lender represented by American Church Loans?

Absolutely, commercial banks turn down churches on a regular basis. Most commercial banks are doing limited lending to churches and non-profits. If you have been declined by a commercial bank it does not mean you can’t qualify for a loan. It does not cost you anything to apply for a loan through Ameircan Church Loans, and we can generally give you an answer within 3 business days.


Contact us either by phone or email and you can start the simple process of our FREE FINANCIAL CONSULTATION to get your estimate of what you will be able to qualify for an amazing new loan and get “provision for your vision” today!

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